About Interact

Interact was born out of a frustration of how difficult it is to build forms, their tired old designs and the level of customisation and work involved to get some serious analytics to understand form frustration points.

Knowing all of this, we thought about how it might be possible to go back to first principles. In the age before the internet, sharing of information was very much in the format of conversations with paper being filled out to formalise the conversation. Therefore, why not bring the conversation back in place?

Hence, Interact came to life. By create conversational flows, it became apparent that you could help and guide the process of sharing information, learn about frustration points, experiment and get real analytics to drive better decisions to reduce the often huge frustration that prospects and customers feel when trying to engage to find a solution to their problem.

You can learn more about the Interact story soon as we continue to build out this page and convert from beta mode to full release. Until then, why not sign up now!