Features and Benefits

Learn about all the features and benefits of Interact and Get Started today.

Start in under 10 minutes

Get up and running with automated conversations to serve your prospects and customers in under 10 minutes.

Use templates and visually design your interaction with pre-defined responses.

Get Started today.

All your favourite chat apps

Choose the channels you will use to chat with your cutomers from web through to all your favourite chat apps and even apps like Intercom.


Manage your messaging with Inbox

Interact Inbox gives you total control over your messages. See automated interactions, deal with human intervention requests, control and manage how you respond to queries, all within seconds.

Changing between automated and human interactions is easy with Inbox.

Create intelligent flows

Interact.do provides a full interface to use intelligence in your conversations.

Take advantage of ready made artificial intelligence using Natural Language processing built-in or connect to your favourite products like Google Dialogflow with easy 1-click connectivity.

Connect your apps

Interact.do provides connectivity to all your favourite apps and app connectors.

Manage payments with Stripe or Paypal or connect to your shoppers with Shopify integration. Pull together your apps and send and receive data with connectivity to Zapier, Integromat and IFTTT.

A/B Testing built-in

Enable Interact Pro and get all the benefits of Flows, allowing you to do A/B testing for your automated interactions to make the best decisions on conversion.

Turn on Interact Analytics to analyze your user behaviour and drive the best outcomes for converting your prospects to customers with ease.

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